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Diploma in Human Resource Management

Programme focus: General business and human resource administration and practices. Human resource planning, development and management principles and practices. 

About the Diploma

Various organisations and individuals highly regard the BMT College Diploma in Human Resource Management for its relevant academic and practical knowledge. It has become particularly popular due to the shortage of qualified and skilled HR managers in South Africa. The curriculum covers strategic HR planning, standard and advanced HR practices, labour and industrial relations, productivity management, and administration. This programme also meets the qualification requirements for registration as an HR Professional (HRP) with the SA Board for People Practices (SABPP).

Graduates will have competencies across the four main aspects of HR management processes and practices, including strategic planning, acquisition and development of people, employee relations, and administration related to compensation. Upon completion of the programme, students will be capable of conducting HR planning, implementing practices in the workplace, contributing to labour and employee relations, and managing people’s productivity.

Why study this diploma?

The HR Management Diploma is ideal for career advancement to managerial positions. Ideal for HR administrators, practitioners, or anyone interested in a career in human resource management.

Career Opportunities

Tailor your CV to highlight the skills and knowledge most relevant to the human resource position you are applying for. 

  • HR Assistant: This entry-level position is a fantastic starting point for anyone fresh from completing the diploma. An HR Assistant performs administrative duties, aids in recruitment, and may assist in employee training.
  • Recruitment Coordinator: In this role, you will typically coordinate interview schedules, collaborate with hiring managers, and handle pre-employment processes. Good communication and organisational skills are typically crucial for this position.
  • HR Officer: This is a mid-level HR role. Generally requiring you to handle responsibilities such as advising on policies, dealing with grievances, and supporting employee development initiatives.
  • Payroll Specialist: This role involves managing the company’s payroll. Thus ensuring accurate and timely payments, handling payroll queries, and staying up-to-date with relevant legislation.
  • Training and Development Officer: This position involves planning, delivering, and evaluating training programs to enhance employee skills and performance.
  • Employee Relations Specialist: This role regularly interacts with employees to address their concerns. In addition, it resolves conflicts and promotes a positive company culture.

Mode of Delivery

BMT College is an open distance education provider. We give you the flexibility to study anywhere, anytime, whilst also attending to your other responsibilities.

In addition, our perfectly structured online learning mode of delivery lets you stay in close contact with your lecturer and fellow students.

Moreover, our state-of-the-art Virtual Campus will never let you feel isolated and out of touch with fellow students.

Entry Requirements

  • A National Senior Certificate (NSC) (matric) as certified by Umalusi,
  • With an achievement rating of 3 (Moderate Achievement, 40-49%) or better in four recognised NSC 20-credit subjects.


  • an equivalent qualification as evaluated by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) based on work experience.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) based on age exemption (older than 23 years). 

Diploma Structure

First Year

Ease into the Diploma in Human Resource Management with a choice to change your study direction to Business Management after the first year. 
The first year consists of eight modules with a multiple-choice assignment each. 
In addition, you will complete four longer format assignments in your own time to pass the first year and continue with the second year. There are no sit-down, timed exams! Read more…

Second Year

Continue your journey towards the Diploma in Human Resource Management with eight modules focusing on developing your HR professionalism, knowledge and skills. 
Each module consists of a multiple-choice assignment. Four longer format assignments are completed at your own pace before the due dates to ensure your access to the third and final year. 
There are no sit-down, timed exams! Read more…

Third Year

Take on the final year of the Diploma in Human Resource Management and complete the last step to achieve this prestigious qualification, which will also qualify you for the Advanced Diploma in Human Resources Management (NQF level 7). 
The final year consists of eight multiple-choice assignments, four longer format assignments and a project. 
The final panel interview sets you up to graduate in style and receive your qualification at our official annual ceremony. Read more…

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