World-class features of our Virtual Campus

Basically, the BMT College Virtual Campus (VC) is our online learning platform.  This world-class platform gives you access to your studies anywhere, anytime, including full study support from our lecturers. Combined with the “no exams, assignments-only” format, you can easily complete your qualification at your convenience. 


Easily download your study materials, complete your assignments and track your progress on the Virtual Campus. View your results, check your payments and important dates. Collaborate and meet with your lecturers and fellow students…and so much more! If it has anything to do with your studies, it is here.

Easy to navigate

Since the VC is super easy to navigate; you only need a device with Internet access. Connect seamlessly with all your devices, from smartphones and laptops to tablets and desktop computers, using our versatile VC. Furthermore, you can experience uninterrupted communication and collaboration no matter where you are. Our team is always ready to give you the help you need. Count on us to help you out whenever you’re in a bind.

Secure and safe

Never worry about lost work! You can save your progress as you work on your assignments and pick up where you left off. You also choose what you want to share on the Virtual Campus and who has access to your profile. The VC is hosted on a secure server with industry-standard encryption, so your work and studies remain safe. 

Easily complete online assignments

There are no "exams" at BMT College

Studying through distance education can be daunting if you are working and studying at the same time. However, we understand distance education and our students’ expectations and needs. Therefore, we have removed the uncertainty of studying in isolation. Furthermore, our lecturers, administrators and support staff ensure you find studying online enjoyable and rewarding.

Moreover, we help you prepare for your assignments, notify you of every due date, and take the uncertainty of blindly submitting an assignment out of the equation.

What makes the BMT College Virtual Campus unique?

More reasons the Virtual Campus is unique?

BMT College

How does BMT College assess you?

  • Firstly, assessments are a compulsory component of any higher education programme. A critical aspect of BMT College assessment activities is preparing you for practical workplace situations, employment and career advancement. Nerve-wracking sit-down examinations do not contribute to preparing you for the world of work. The ability to remember endless facts (rote learning) is not part of BMT College’s assessment strategy, as we aim to train students to have insight into the prescribed study material and practically apply what they have learned.
  • You will be expected to complete and submit various multiple-choice, creative and practical assignments on or before specific due dates. Your assignment schedule is issued upon registration and available on the VC calendar.

Formative and Summative assignments

  • All formative and summative assessments are completed and submitted directly online. In contrast, other forms of assessments may be first downloaded and later uploaded to the VC (on the due date) (for example, FISA assignments, research projects, WIL projects, etc.).
  • The summative assignment for each module is released within a specific timeframe before the due date on the Virtual Campus (due dates are communicated to you upon registration). Summative assignments include case studies, essay questions, practical tasks and video presentations. You can work directly on your summative assignment on the VC. You can save your work as you continue and only need to submit the final version once you have completed all the questions.
  • Lastly, an integrated summative assessment is completed after an academic year. Depending on your programme’s curriculum, the integrated summative assignment may be a research project/essay questions and portfolio.
  • Finally, upon completing your programme (final year), you will need to attend a panel interview, usually done virtually. Panel interviews assist the academic council in authenticating and verifying your evidence, clarifying possible uncertainties, and allowing for the questioning of irregularities. It also enables our academics to verify your learning and development, enabling them to conclude if BMT College Graduateness was achieved.

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