5 Advantages of studying through distance education

Did you know that distance education has many advantages over traditional face-to-face or full-time learning? Distance learning is accessible to everyone. You can study from anywhere, any time, with just a computer and a stable internet connection.


You can engage with your study material, watch recorded learning sessions, and complete quizzes and assignments at a time that suits you. This means no unnecessary time off work, and it gives you the flexibility to enjoy a balanced work-study life without any undue compromises.


Distance education allows students that stay in areas with limited educational institutions to further their knowledge without having to relocate. Therefore you can save on travelling costs and student accommodation costs. 


Here is a list of the top five reasons why you should consider studying through distance education:   

Two college girls studying together at home with laptops while drinking coffee
Nothing beats studying from home with your bestie

#1 It is flexible

The most significant advantage of studying through distance education is its flexibility. Distance learning allows flexibility in planning your everyday work and family responsibilities while pursuing further studies. It also empowers you to organise your schedule (within the parameters of your assignment due dates). Flexible distance education:

  • Allows you to customise your learning schedule (night or daytime learning);
  • Provides opportunities for individual online consultation sessions with lecturers, allowing for a more personalised learning experience;
  • Accommodates students with special needs such as social anxiety;
Young flexible worker business woman remote working
Young flexible worker business woman remote working

#2 Work while you study

In distance learning, all the study content is available at your disposal 24/7 without distractions or disruptions. This means you can engage with the content when you have the time. Organisations value distance education because students can further their studies without impeding company working hours.

Husband working on laptop while owning family business
Husband working on laptop while owning family business

#3 It opens wider network opportunities

Distance learning opens a world beyond the traditional classroom. Lecturers and students present people from all walks of life, locations and countries. Students seeking more interaction with their lecturer and fellow students can engage in virtual learning sessions. Online learning lets you meet interesting people from all over the world, some with extensive industry-related knowledge. You never know who you might meet and add to your social and professional network.

Smiling asian man checking social networking with smart phone at home.
You can study and connect with fellow students from your cellphone

#4 It enables you to enhance your time management skills

Distance learning prepares you to be self-directed. Planning your studies and organising your own schedule to submit assignments on or before the due date helps you practice good time-management skills. Distance learning gives you greater control to plan according to your schedule and when you prefer to work on your assignments.

Time management for freelancers. Woman freelancer
Time management for freelancers. Woman freelancer

#5 It enables you to enhance your technical skills

In today’s “hybrid work” environment requiring fourth industrial revolution (4IR) skills and mindsets, independent individuals who are masters of technology and can effectively work remotely are in high demand. Content delivery through state-of-the-art online learning platforms promotes online research, video conferencing, and word processing skills.


Distance learning develops your technical skills

Distance learning may be the answer if you are working and looking for a way to further your studies while climbing the career ladder.