“I always get excited when a person decides to create new opportunities… to create prosperity through knowledge”

Vice Principal – Jako Poolman BMT College

Welcome to BMT College

Dear BMT students

Welcome to BMT College.

There is a palatable eagerness, almost urgent-ness, in the air to move on, to move forward, to catch up with the time and opportunities that feel lost. Neil Diamond’s song, Beautiful Noise really sums it up for me. It is with excitement and joy that I join the busier traffic commute in the mornings because people are working again. With the rhythm of trucks moving around, goods being transported, people rushing to work, new buildings rising, and the acceleration of digital transformation, it feels like the economy and world around us are healing. That things are getting better.

Ironically, the song ‘Beautiful Noise’ was featured on Neil Diamond’s 10th album, which was also labelled at the time of its release as a comeback album. Again, a parallel can be drawn, when comparing this new and productive phase for the artist with the new phase we are entering into; a phase for us to come back and make noise while we rebuild and redefine our world.

Our students have always been at the core of our operations.

Every policy and process has been created with our students in mind and around the purpose of serving our students to the best of our ability, where they are. Where, “where they are”, refers to so much more than just the physical distance in distance education. It refers to where they are academically. Where they are financially. Where they are in their careers. Where they are in their ability to take on this opportunity to study further and make a success of their studies.

We get that individuals march, work and study to the beat of their own drum. We understand that not everyone is in the same space. Our academics are prepared to support you where you are. Our academics can help you with additional support on an individual basis. Need support financially? Then our administration team can advise you. In addition, if you need support with your time or career, then we can guide you. Wherever you are, whatever you need, we can help you succeed and make your own noise to contribute to society.

And I promise you, your preparations for a better career and more opportunities are worth it. We experience that at every graduation. That buzz of excitement. That beautiful noise of graduates celebrating their achievements, their success. Like Neil Diamond said, “It’s a beautiful noise made of joy and of strife, like a symphony played by the passing parade, it’s the music of life…… and it is begging for me, just to give it a tune.”

And this beautiful noise gives me hope.

Welcome to BMT College.

Jako Poolman

Vice-Principal: BMT College

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