About Us

About Us

BMT College is South Africa’s foremost online distance education institution specialising in business management and human resources management qualifications. Our flexible studies make it possible for anyone to achieve one of our recognised and accredited qualifications that have ignited thousands of successful careers.

Read more about how to verify the accreditation status of any qualification and instititution in this blog. 

Fully accredited & registered
A global network of diverse students
Established history of service excellence

Our Accreditation

An accredited qualification is fundamental to securing your future, and at BMT College, we ensure that you can start your career on the right foot. Our qualifications are accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE), the accreditation body for higher education (post-school) institutions in South Africa. This also means that all our qualifications are registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and registered with the Department of Higher Education. BMT College is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) as a Private Higher Education Institution, Registration Number: 2011/HE07/002.

The official graduation ceremony is the pinnacle of any student’s study journey. At BMT College, we have celebrated our students’ successes since our inception in 1992, with this proud tradition continuing to this day. Students graduate in full academic regalia on this day, celebrating their achievements with family, friends and fellow graduates. 

Are you ready to join our alumni of esteemed graduates? 

We specialise in Business Management and Human Resources Management qualifications. The stand-alone Higher Certificate is perfect for students who want a quick qualification to bolster their CVs.  The more robust three-year, NQF 6, Diploma qualifications are available in both Human Resources Management and Business Management. Both fields lead to the highly desirable Advanced Diploma programmes at NQF level 7, which gives students access to post-graduate studies. All the programmes are fully accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) on the NQF.

Our “no-exams, assignments only” programme format allows for flexible programme schedules, giving you the time and space to achieve your accredited qualification. The Virtual Campus is our online platform that gives you full access to all your study material, online textbooks and assignments. You can also connect with your lecturers and fellow students to make the most of your studies.


The College specifically accommodates full-time and part-time employees to successfully achieve their accredited qualifications in the shortest time possible while having access to full academic support services from qualified and expert lecturers. However, age is not a number at BMT College. Our students range from school-leavers to retirees to everyone in between. This gives our students access to a unique and valuable, global study network. 


The fully recognised BMT College qualifications have launched tens of thousands of successful graduates’ careers. Our students are sought-after candidates for the appointment to available positions, including promotions to advanced leadership positions, such as human resources managers, general managers, operational managers, office managers, and supervisory positions.

Brief History

BMT College was established over thirty years ago and is built on an impeccable reputation for service excellence. Our focus is to make it as easy as possible for anyone, regardless of where they come from, to achieve a recognised qualification successfully and graduate in style.

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