RPL for Access aims to grant students entry to learning programmes for which a student otherwise do not meet the entry requirements. Please complete this application form if you are applying for entry to a programme through recognition of prior learning (RPL). The requested supporting evidence must be submitted with your application form with proof of payment for the application. Incomplete applications will not be reviewedRefer to the process flow of RPL for entry.

Click the red “Add RPL application to cart” button above. Only successfull payment applications will be processed.

By submiting this application form, you declare that you understand the terms and conditions of the application, that you understand the steps that form part of the application process and that you agree to adhere the terms and conditions of the application.

Terms and Conditions of Application for Access to a learning programme based on RPL:

1 The completed application form, proof of payment for the application as well as all supporting documents should be emailed to:

The RPL for Access application review fee is equal to the first monthly installment for the programme, as indicated in the current fee schedule.

3 The application must be submitted to and received by the College seven days before a scheduled Academic Council meeting for a paper-based evaluation.

4 The outcome of the paper-based assessment will be communicated to the applicant within 14 working days after the Academic Council meeting.

5 Should the application for access to a programme be provisionally approved, the applicant will be required to attend a compulsory interview on a date to be scheduled by the College.

6 The outcome of an RPL for Access interview will be communicated to the applicant within 14 working days after the interview took place.

7 When an applicant is allowed access to a programme, the applicant must complete and submit the registration contract for the programme within 60 days of receiving feedback from the Academic Council.

8 The RPL for Access application fee may be credited towards the study fee of the programme only if an applicant receives approval from the Academic Council to access and register for a programme. This is a non-refundable fee.

9 Incomplete applications will not be reviewed and will be declined.

10 No refunds will be made for an RPL application for access that is declined by the Academic Council, for whatever reason.

11 When an application for entry on the basis of RPL is declined, the Academic Council will provide reasons why the application was declined.

12 The Academic Council‘s decision is final and no further discussions will be entered into.

13 Normal Terms and Conditions for Registration on a programme will apply. In addition, the a student who is registered on a programme through a process of RPL for Access, will be required to submit and pass the first summative assessment for the programme on the first attempt. A student who fails to meet this condition of registration, will be de-registered from the programme.