Policies And Procedures

Assessment policy
This policy is guided by the principles of the National Qualification Framework.
Assessment can be described as the process by which a student is declared competent or not yet competent against identified unit standards or exit level outcomes. BMT College defines competence as the ability of a student to integrate a number of tasks in a particular setting (aptitude) or context and to attain certain standards. Competence integrates knowledge, skill and attitude. This policy is also guided by SAQA requirements, thus ensuring high standards of good practice.

Assessment appeals procedure:
Students will be permitted to submit an assessment outcomes appeal under the following circumstances: administrative error, against unfair assessment; invalid assessment; unreliable assessments; where the assessors’ judgment is considered biased; inadequate expertise and experience of an assessor and/or unethical practices on the part of the assessor. Students wanting to appeal, must refer to the appeal procedure as outlined in the study guides. Complete an assessment appeals form and submit it to the faculty head.

Grievance Policy
Students have the right to lodge a grievance against the College or College personnel. Official Grievances must be submitted to the Academic Council for the attention of the Vice-Principal.

Guarantee policy:
BMT College guarantees the student quality assurance on all study material and support. Should BMT College be unable to deliver stated services, excluding unreasonable circumstances or circumstances that are not within the control of the College, the student will be refunded. BMT College will provide training services to the student for a period not exceeding 24 months from commencement of studies.

Language policy:
Delivery and assessments will be conducted in English. Where language poses a potential barrier to fair assessment, it is the responsibility of the student to arrange for a competent interpreter to be present during the assessment process.

Open access and non-discrimination policy:
The open access policy ensures all students who comply with admission requirements will be accepted. Discrimination on any basis will not be tolerated.

Quality assurance policy:
BMT College has a Quality Management System (QMS) in place that ensures:
· Stringent and standard procedures for all policies.
· Continuous professional development of staff and assessors.
· Internal audits in respect of quality assurance in the recording, monitoring and review of all BMT College processes.
· Development of resources and research.

Record keeping policy:
BMT College records and maintains all student related information for a period of 5 years

Refund and cancellation policy:
The student will have an opportunity to cancel his/her registration with BMT College within 14 days of registration but will remain liable for the administration fee. One calendar month notice must be given to cancel studies after 14 days and will be subject to a penalty charge.
No refunds will be granted for failure of delivery due to a third party.

Student obligations:
The student has an obligation to submit the last assignment before the study period expires and adhere to the assignment submission dates.
The student has an obligation to repay the study fee in full, irrespective of whether he/she completes the qualification or not. Monthly payments to BMT College must be up to date at all times.

Student selection and intake policy:
No unfair barriers with regards to enrolment and admission requirements exist. Programme requirements are clearly defined and students who comply with the admission requirements are accepted for studies with BMT College.

Study Loans:
Complete section F (Financing Agreement) in the enrolment contract and select the repayment option that suits you best to repay your study fee in installments. We highly recommend that you complete the debit order authorisation form (part of the enrolment contract) as debit order payments do not incur any interest. Please Note: We give preference to study loan applications that have signed valid debit order authorisations. Your studies will commence once we have received your first installment.
BMT study loans are only available for studies with BMT College. BMT College is a registered Credit Provider, registration number: NCRCP473.

We only award bursaries for the second and/or third year of full qualifications. First year studies, short courses and skills programmes are excluded from bursaries.

For more detailed information on College policies and procedures please refer to the Study for Success guide.