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  1. Privacy Policy
  • The Privacy principles outlined in the South African Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 25 of 2002, includes:
  • Collection, collation, processing and disclosure of personal information.
  • Processing limitation.
  • Purpose specification
  • Further processing limitation.
  • Record retention requirements.
  • Limitation on disclosure.
  • Third party disclosure of personal information.
  • Destruction of personal information; and
  • Exceptions for statistical purposes.


  1. The following technologies are deployed in providing the BMT College website service.
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL), a technology configured on BMT College website for when you provide personal data and confidential information on our online forms.
  1. Security of Personal information collected and processed.
  • BMT College ensures technical and organisational measures to secure the integrity of personal information, and guard against the risk of loss, damage or destruction thereof.
  1. Personal Information collected and processed.
  • Information you choose to provide us upon online registration.
  • Information you provide us when interacting with our website online.
  • Information you send to us on email.
  • Information you provide us over a phone call.
  • Information you provide us on social media platforms like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or WhatsApp.
  • Information about you, such as your demographics obtained from other sources like Google or our social media platforms.
  • Information collected using common internet technologies like cookies.
  1. Personal Information usage and sharing.
  • BMT College use the personal information, to disseminate requested information about the College’s products and services that are communicated on the College website, email and social media platforms.
  • The personal information requested by BMT College is necessary for the conclusion of the online contract of registration as a student with BMT College and for the delivery and maintenance of the service provided by the College.
  • Certain statistical demographic data and relevant personal information are shared with duly appointed and authorised third parties, such as:
    • the Council on Higher Education through the Higher Education Quality Council Information System (HEQCIS) for the upload of student achievements, study status, and student records to the National Learner Record Database (NLRD).
    • The Department of Higher Education and Training.
    • Personal study fee sponsors, Employers, parents or guardians as duly agreed to by the registered student (limited to the record of that student).
  • BMT College will use the personal information that was provided, for the purposes consistent with the reason(s) it was provided to the College.
  • In addition, relevant personal information provided are also used:
    • By authorised and appointed BMT College employees to perform their duties related to deliver the services of BMT College.
    • As distributed to third parties directly involved in the delivery of goods and services provided by BMT College (e.g., Courier companies, Collection agencies)
    • For internal statistical analysis and market research to monitor and enhance the BMT College service offering.
    • For backup, storage and disaster recovery purposes.
    • For internal requests, court orders or law enforcement investigations.
    • For the storage and retrieval of students’ records and performance, by duly authorised parties even after the student has completed or stopped studying with BMT College.
  1. User’s choice:
  • Each user of BMT College services, have the right to know what is done with personal information and agree to such use. Choices and agreements are made in the form of consent and using or accessing the services provided by BMT College, such as, but not limited to, completing the online registration forms, opting in or opting out of receiving email or marketing material from the College, accessing the BMT College website, accessing and following or joining BMT College profiles on social media platforms, and accessing the Virtual Campus.
  • The user may at any time choose to opt out of receiving any further information from the College, in which case, relevant information about the user will be recorded to action such a request.


  1. Access to personal information
  • To protect the user’s privacy and to ensure data integrity, BMT College will or may have to verify the user’s identity before access to any personal information is granted, for whatever reason, including reporting, altering personal information, or updating personal information.
  • The user, after being duly and reasonably identified, may:
    • Access or request a report on personal information recorded by BMT College.
    • Request the College to update or delete personal information.
  • Access to personal information by staff and duly authorised third parties are limited and restricted through security, technical controls, physical controls, administrative controls and training of products and services used within BMT College.
  • Access to personal information complies with the BMT College Data Integrity and Confidentiality Policy.
  1. Important information
  • Users are cautioned to carefully consider the personal information disclosed to BMT College, or on any of the BMT College platforms, including but not limited to College’s social media platforms, the Virtual Campus and the College website.
  • Users of the BMT College social media platforms are aware that their personal information, and the personal information disclosed by them on these platforms will be accessible by all the other users of such platforms.
  1. Complaints
  • If you have a complaint or are concerned about your personal information and wish to report, please use the following:
  • Contact us on 0100100936 or 0117080159.
  • Send an Email to