Terms & Conditions Of Enrolment

1. Registration requirements and programme information
1.1 I confirm that the Prospectus, Policies and Procedure, Student Code of Conduct and Fee Schedule of BMT College, as amended from time to time, form part of this agreement and that I have received copies of such documents. I also confirm that I have read, understood and agree with all the contents of all such documents.
1.2 I confirm that I submit in all respects to all regulations and conditions of BMT College and accept all rulings by the Board of the College as final and binding on me, as per College Policies, Procedures and the Student Code of Conduct.
1.3 Admission as a student is upon invitation only and exclusively within the sole discretion of BMT College; all rights of the institution remain strictly reserved.
1.4 I undertake to respect the copyright on all lectures and material received from the College that may include, but is not limited to, any printed or electronic media.
1.5 I am aware that the onus is on me to determine beforehand if my employer or prospective employer will recognise my intended studies at BMT College and if the curriculum and qualification are applicable to my situation.
2. Programme administration, duration and student obligations
2.1 I confirm that I have read and understood the rules of the qualification as set out in the latest BMT College prospectus.
2.2 Course Duration: I understand and agree that my last assignment for the programme must be handed in within the stipulated time frame:
2.2.1 Higher Certificate: Must be completed within 2 years (24 months), from commencement including all allowable extensions.
2.2.2 Diploma: Must be completed within 6 years (72 months), from commencement including all allowable extensions.
2.2.3 Advanced Diploma: Must be completed within 3 years (36 months) from commencement, including all allowable extensions.
2.2.4 Assignment Schedule: Notwithstanding the study duration as stipulated in 2.2.1, 2.2.2 and 2.2.3 above, I understand and agree that all assignments and academic work are to be completed according to the Assignment Schedule for the specific intake I registered for.
2.2.5 Study break: Academic integrity requires that studies towards a specific programme must be uninterrupted. I understand that I will not be able to take a leave of absence from studying. (This means that no study breaks can be allowed between academic years.)
2.2.6 Study Extension: I understand that I can apply to the Academic Council for one study extension per academic year and that the Academic Council may dismiss my application for an extension. I understand and agree that if the study extension is approved, an extension fee will be charged as published in the latest fee schedule. I further understand that the study extensions cannot exceed the study duration as per 2.2.1, 2.2.2, 2.2.3 above.
2.3 I understand and agree that if the study period has expired and no further extensions are allowed, I will remain liable for the full outstanding study fee and will forfeit all monies paid and forfeit all academic credits I may have obtained.
2.4 I understand that all study guides are available online and that I can order printed guides separately. Prescribed textbooks are not included in the study fee.
2.5 I agree that all assignments can only be submitted on the Virtual Campus (online), and understand that no other format will be accepted as an assignment submission.
2.6 I acknowledge and agree that notwithstanding the existence of an appeal process, the academic judgement of BMT College will be regarded as final.
2.7 I confirm that I have to satisfy the requirements of the programme and due performance as laid down by BMT College.
2.8 I agree that BMT College reserves the right to withhold results, promotion to the next academic year, issuing of study material and/or issuing of the certificate or diploma if I fail to fulfil my financial obligations to BMT College.
2.9 I agree and declare that my contributions, including but not limited to, assignments, projects, tasks, photos, stories, correspondence or any other contributions, done during the course of my studies will remain the intellectual property of BMT College and that the College may publish or use such contributions as it sees fit.
2.10 I agree and declare that I will study the relevant lectures and that any assignment that I submit to the College, whatever format it may take, will be a true reflection of my skills and knowledge and that the evidence and work compiled in such assignments will be researched, collected and written by me and not be plagiarised or copied in any form whatsoever.
2.11 Graduation: I understand that in order for my qualification to be awarded it must be ratified at an official BMT College Graduation. If I am unable to attend such a graduation, an additional “Graduate in Absentia” fee will be charged, as published in the latest fee schedule applicable at the time of the graduation.
3. Fees and financing
3.1 I confirm that I have read and understood the relevant fee schedule and the corresponding information about the repayment of my study fees in the College prospectus.
3.2 I agree that, should I elect to pay my study fees over an extended period of time, a credit assessment will be performed by BMT College, to determine my affordability and ensure that reckless credit is not extended. For this purpose I agree that the BMT College may use the services of any registered Credit Bureau or other Creditor for information to assist in assessing my credit worthiness, now and at any time in the future. I agree that the BMT College may disclose information regarding my credit worthiness and conduct of the account to any registered Credit Bureau and other Creditors. I further agree that BMT College may list adverse consumer credit information with any registered Credit Bureau should any payment due in terms hereof become 20 (twenty) or more days overdue.
3.3 I further confirm that the cost of, and the terms and conditions applicable to, any credit to be extended in terms hereof have been fully explained to me and that I understand my rights, obligations and the risk and costs thereof.
3.4 I declare that I am able to fulfill my financial obligations to BMT College.
3.5 Should my credit application be declined, I will have the right to request reason for it from BMT College.
3.6 I agree that I will become immediately liable for the full repayment of my study fees, including the registration fee and any applicable finance charges, upon signing of this agreement, irrespective of whether my employer or sponsor has agreed to pay my study fees.
3.7 I agree that I will continue to make monthly payments, by no later date than the last working day of every month, until my obligations in terms of this contract towards the financing of my study fees has been paid in full, which may include finance charges.
3.8 I understand and agree that if payment for any month is in default, the College will levy a default penalty charge as per the latest fee schedule.
3.9 I agree that a foreign learner postage levy will be charged if I reside outside South-Africa as per the latest fee schedule DOC5010_03.
3.10 If credit has been extended for payment of my study fees, BMT College will provide me with quarterly statement of account, clearly indicating the total amount owing as at the statement process date, any amounts being charged in respect of late payments and the minimum amount that must be paid by the stipulated due date.
3.11 I understand that, if credit has been extended for payment of my study fees, I can pay the outstanding amount in full at any stage upon notice to BMT College.
3.12 I understand that I may cancel my studies at any time with 1 (one) months’ notice of cancellation to BMT College, but that I will remain liable for the study fees as indicated in this agreement.
3.13 I agree that if I should fail to make the agreed payments on time, the full outstanding amount owing to BMT College in terms hereof will immediately become due for payment, that an additional monthly penalty will be charged and that my studies with BMT College will be suspended until my financial obligation to BMT College has been completely fulfilled, alternatively cancelled.
3.14 I agree that BMT College shall be entitled to recover from me all legal costs incurred in order to enforce its rights under this contract on attorney and own client fees, including but not limited to, collection charges and all tracing charges.
3.15 I acknowledge that only BMT College may be ceded or assigned any right or duty in terms hereof to a third party.
4. Cancellation:
4.1 If credit has been extended for payment of my study fees, I understand that, only if this agreement has been signed at any location other than the registered address of BMT College, I have the right to cancel this agreement within 5 (five) business days from signature hereof, without any penalty to myself, by giving BMT College written notice of cancellation.
4.2 I understand that I will have an opportunity to cancel this registration agreement with the College within 14 (fourteen) days of admission and will remain liable for the full registration fee of the programme registered for until such time that the registration fee has been paid.
4.3 I understand that the registration fee is not refundable, irrespective of whether I cancelled this contract within 14 (fourteen) days of admission or not.
4.4 I understand that I can cancel this Registration Contract at any stage after the initial 14 days post admission period, by giving BMT College 1 (one) calendar months written notice of cancellation.
4.5 A cancellation penalty fee will be charged if this Registration Contract is cancelled after the initial 14 days post admission period. Calculation of the cancellation penalty fee amount is solely with in the discretion of BMT College and will be calculated based on the period that has expired since admission and the percentage of the programme completed.
5. Declarations and undertakings:
5.1 I agree that this Registration Contract has not resulted from direct marketing.
5.2 I agree and undertake that if any of my details as set out in this contract, including but not limited to my banking details, contact details, address, name, or surname are to change, I will duly notify the College of such changes.
5.3 I understand that this Registration Contract in all its respects is governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa and I herewith consent to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court in respect of any legal proceedings emanating from this contract.
5.4 BMT College do not lose any rights in terms of this contract if BMT College does not immediately and in every instance insist on them and BMT College may, without notice, insist on punctual and due performance in terms hereof.
5.5. Each paragraph and clause in this Registration Contract is separate and severable, the one from the other, irrespective of how they may be linked together or grouped grammatically and, if any paragraph or clause is to be found unenforceable for any reason, the remaining paragraphs or clauses will continue to be of full force and effect.
5.6. Any notice to be given in terms of this agreement or in law, will be given to myself at the physical home address I have completed on the Registration Contract and, if to BMT College, at 147 Second Road, Chartwell, Gauteng Province. Either party may change this address by giving the other party written notification of such change.
5.7 I understand that if I am under the age of 18 my parent, custodian or legal guardian should co-sign this document to legalise my registration with BMT College.
5.8 I agree that if my study fees are not paid for by myself, then the company or sponsor that pays my study fees will have full access to my academic record with BMT College.
5.9 I declare that all particulars furnished by me on this form are true and correct and I undertake to comply with the rules regulations and decisions of BMT College and any amendments thereto and have taken note of advice which may be applicable to students in general and or to the field of study for which I have registered.
5.10 I acknowledge that I understand the provisions of the declaration of this Registration Agreement, and hold myself bound thereby.
5.11 I acknowledge and agree that this form, by signature thereof, becomes a binding contract.