Welcome Letter by the Principal

Dear BMT Student,

Welcome to BMT College, where personal attention, social interaction and student success define our student culture.

The last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic enabled us to enhance our virtual learning platform and create a robust teaching and learning environment that focuses on personal attention and student engagement and promotes technology literacy.  Our virtual environment encourages students to engage in discourse, ask questions, seek assistance from lecturers and participate in collaborative Zoom sessions.  Our learning programmes aim to develop students’ problem-solving and social skills for workplace success. Furthermore, the structure of our academic programmes provides working individuals with the opportunity to attain their educational goals while simultaneously focussing on their career development.

We understand open distance learning and the value of personal attention in a digital learning environment. Our lecturers acknowledge and embrace our individual students’ unique emotional, social and intellectual needs. Therefore, they design and deliver training sessions considering varied personalities and learning styles. A pedagogy of confidence underpins our lecturers’ teaching approach; we believe every student has the potential to succeed. 

At the start of each new cohort, a virtual induction day is hosted to introduce new students to our world-class Virtual Campus and our teaching methodology and to meet our lecturers.  Our friendly lecturers regularly schedule personal Zoom sessions with their students to help them cope, adapt and flourish within the new learning environment and make sense of the learning material. The live video sessions and user-friendly online learning platform ensure that our students stay connected to their lecturers and fellow students. Most importantly, they feel motivated to persevere and thrive throughout their study journey.

My team and I reaffirm our commitment to preparing our students for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), which requires a breadth of skills rooted in academic learning, such as literacy, numeracy, and science but also the ability to adapt and adopt to the disruption of new technologies and environments. With these skills, students are geared to excel in the world of work. I invite you to log into the Virtual Campus today to experience this exciting world of social learning. Download the 2022 calendar to familiarise yourself with the exciting upcoming events and assessment due dates.

I wish you the best with your studies and look forward to capping you at your graduation ceremony.

Kind Regards

Dr B A van der Linde

Principal: BMT College

“My philosophy in life is that everything we do at BMT College should be done with passion and integrity.”

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