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Hello BMT College,

We are looking forward to another busy week. Assignments are due, workshops are scheduled, research orientation will be held, and, of course, the Webinar by our guest speaker, Nathalie Tuck, on Thursday. All of that on the heels of the very successful Orientation Day that we held last Friday.

Maybe a little motivation and a positive study attitude will go a long way this week. Having a positive attitude changes a person’s approach to anything, be that a work project, a holiday, or going to the doctor. And if Viktor Frankl’s experiences and observations during World War II are anything to go by in his book Man’s Search for Meaning, then your attitude can affect both the experience and the outcome.

But before we jump in on all of that, let’s just pause at Friday’s Orientation Day.

2024 First Intake Orientation Day (2024C1)

Thank you to everyone present, including our students, guests, and personnel. I lost my voice towards the end of the first session, but Elize van Coller took over and hosted the second session like a champion. Thank you, Elize!

I managed to pop in on one or two of the breakaway sessions, and it seems like our lecturers had the new cohorts of students engaged and ready for their studies. Thank you to every one of our amazing personnel for your efforts towards the orientation day and for making our students’ studies work.

We also ran a couple of polls during the session. A whopping 91% of the respondents showed a little positive attitude to start with their studies, while the remaining 9% indicated that they were “getting there.” It was about an even split for those who are apprehensive about starting their studies, those who are not apprehensive, and those who were a little apprehensive.

54% of the attendees stated that they have studied through distance education before, which is just about even with the 46% who said they haven’t.

Here are all the results from the poll.

If you are still considering registering with BMT, remember that late registration will close at the end of this month. Our formidable administration team is standing by to assist you, and our lecturers can’t wait to welcome you. With the right attitude towards your studies, you can achieve great success.

Open call if you have the “write” attitude

We are looking for your articles for the BMT Blog.

At Friday’s orientation, we announced and invited all our students who want to write and submit a blog to BMT College to do so. We are also inviting our Alumni and any other aspiring writers to contribute to our growing blog platform. Simply pitch your idea for a blog in 150 – 200 words to info@bmtcollege.ac.za. Articles should be related to study tips, study experiences, or the content of the study material. We are looking forward to seeing your articles published.

We will also select a monthly top blog by a student or Alumni of BMT College. Top Blogs are selected from submissions by BMT students and alumni that were selected to be published on the College website.

So to those students with the “write” attitude, send in your topic ideas to info@bmtcollege.ac.za.

What’s happening next at BMT College?

As mentioned before, this is a busy week with many opportunities to apply a positive study attitude. One of the highlights is Thursday’s lunchtime webinar with Nathalie Tuck. If you are planning to work in business, play a role in marketing, or be in the management of any organisation, then this event is for you.

Assignment Due Dates:

In addition to the due assignments, the panel interviews continue this week. The Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Progress report also opens today.

Summatives due on Wednesday, 13 March 2024

  • 2023C2 HCBM501 – Summative 8
  • 2023C1 ADHRM701 – Summative 4 (ACM Third attempts)

Formatives due on Friday, 15 March 2024

  • 2023C2 ADBM701 – Formative 6
  • 2023C2 ADHRM701 – Formative 6


Our lecturers are also hosting workshops for the following modules and assignments this week:

Tuesday, 12 March 2024

  • 2023C2 HRM601 – Summative 7 & 8

Wednesday, 13 March 2024

  • 2023C2 HRM601 – Summative 7 & 8
  • 2023C2 BM601 – Summative 7 & 8
  • 2024C1 ADHRM701 – Research Orientation
  • 2024C1 ADBM701 – Research Orientation

Thursday, 14 March 2024

  • 2024C1 ADHRM701 – Formative 1
  • 2024C1 ADBM701 – Formative 1
  • 2024C1 ADHRM701 – Research Report
  • 2024C1 ADBM701 – Research Report

Academic Council Meeting

The Academic Council Meeting (ACM) is scheduled for this Friday. Feedback from the ACM will be communicated within 14 days from Monday next week.

Launching the week with the right attitude

This bustling week at BMT College teems with opportunities for growth, learning, and community. Our consistent efforts, from attending webinars and workshops to completing assignments on time, underline the importance of fostering a positive study attitude. This mindset elevates our academic pursuits and enriches our personal and professional lives.

Remember, whether you’re a seasoned distance learner or new to the BMT Block, your approach to study can dramatically shape your experience and outcomes. We encourage everyone—students, alumni, and staff alike—to engage fully in the week ahead, armed with optimism and a readiness to do better. Your positive study attitude is the key to unlocking a world of possibilities. Here’s to a week of achievement, inspiration, and vibrant learning at BMT College!

Winston Churchill said it best, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

Have an awesome week, everyone!

(and see you on Thursday at the Webinar)

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