Advanced Diploma in Business Management
Advanced Diploma in Business Management Course
I year
120 Credits
Accredited by CHE and Registered by DHET

Business managers are responsible for navigating the global world and for making connections beyond their workplace. This connection happens through a deep understanding of the global nature of business management and by specialising in the field of business management. The areas of management include management practices, managing human resources, managing finances, marketing management and managing the general operations of an organisation.

In this programme, you are equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge, and competencies to undertake the various management activities that are needed to foster the success of a business operation.

6 Formative Assignments (one after each module)
6 Summative Assignments (one after each module)
1 Research Project
Panel Interview

  • An appropriate NQF 6 three-year diploma in a business or HR related field. 
  • An accredited bachelor’s degree.
  • Recognition of prior learning (RPL)
Programme Structure

The Advanced Diploma in Business Management is delivered through e-learning.


The programme consists of seven (7) compulsory modules that must be completed within one year.


Modules 1 to 6 are assessed through a formative assessment as well as a summative assessment:


Module 1: Strategic Business Management.
Module 2: Strategic Human Resource Management.
Module 3: Operations Management.
Module 4: Ethics and Social Responsibility.
Module 5: Marketing Management.
Module 6: Management Accounting.

Module 7: Research Methodology.

The Research Project

The research project teaches you the fundamentals to answer a research problem. The research project forms part of the subject of Research Methodology. The research project consists of a research proposal and research report.

Career opportunities
  • Business Analyst
  • Operations Manager
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Compliance Officer
  • Management Consultant
  • Public Relations Manager
Advantages of studying this programme

The programme provides entry-level vocational or professional preparation or specialisation studies for bachelor’s degree graduates. Additionally, this programme provides an articulation route for students who completed a Diploma in Business Management at NQF level 6 or in a similar field. This programme is designed to align with various other NQF level 6 Business Diploma qualifications to enable effortless progression into an area of specialisation in business management.

Mode of delivery

BMT College is an open distance education provider which allows you the flexibility to study anywhere, anytime, whilst also attending to your other responsibilities.


Our perfectly-structured e-learning mode of delivery lets you stay in close contact with your lecturer and fellow students.


Moreover, our state-of-the-art Virtual Campus will never let you feel isolated and out of touch with fellow students.

What can I study after this Diploma?

This Advanced Diploma gives you access to specialised bachelor's degrees. It will also give you access to Honours degrees or post-graduate studies on NQF level 8

Module 1
Strategic Business Management

The module in strategic management investigates and integrates the art of formulating, implementing, and evaluating cross-functional decisions that enable an organisation to achieve strategic objectives. The purpose of this module is to teach you how to apply sound strategic management principles to adapt to change and to gain a competitive advantage by formulating, crafting and implementing appropriate strategies.

Module 2
Strategic human resource management

This module in strategic human resource management discusses the human resource environment and processes managers use to create and shape the human resource strategy. The purpose of this module is to enhance your understanding of the components that impact on the competitiveness of organisations which ultimately affects the survival and growth strategy of organisations.

Module 3
operations management

Operations management determines how a product or service is firstly created and, secondly, delivered. Operations management is not only a core function in the successful delivery of an organisation’s strategic objectives but also closely relates to other core functions and support functions of the organization. The objectives of operations management in obtaining a competitive advantage or achieving the organisation’s strategic objectives include quality, speed, dependability, flexibility, and cost of designing or delivering a product or service. 

Module 4
Ethics and Social Responsibility

The purpose of this module is to provide you with an in-depth understanding of business ethics and social responsibility. Business ethics is discussed as a subset of ethics focusing on decisions between right and wrong in the business environment. You will learn how responsibility can be seen as an ethical value. The module examines several popular beliefs that advocate a strict division between business and ethics. 

Module 5
Marketing Management

The module in marketing management investigates and integrates various marketing and strategic business concepts. The purpose of this module is to teach students how to use relevant marketing information to identify and develop an appropriate marketing strategy that aligns with the business strategy with the aim to create a competitive advantage, by applying appropriate pricing and promotions strategies.

Module 6
Management Accounting

The focus of this module is to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the role of management accounting as it integrates into the planning, organising, leading and controlling functions of management. This module begins with a theoretical background in management accounting regarding its function to collect relevant data, and then to measure, analyse, interpret, and communicate that data in a useful manner.

Module 7
Research Methodology

The purpose of this module is to provide you with an opportunity to conduct research by gathering data and information from a variety of sources and putting the information together in a logical argument with the view to answer a specific research question. Upon completion of your project, you must be able to draw conclusions and provide limitations and recommendations by adding your own views and opinions in an ethical and responsible manner.

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