To achieve greatness, start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can

“To achieve greatness, start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can.” Arthur Ashe’s words are very inspiring, which is also why you will often see them in our posts. The notion of waiting for a golden moment, the right time, or a door to open can delay your greatness. And sometimes, that sliver of an opportunity will go up in smoke if you don’t act upon it. And that’s it, act! Do! Start! Begin! Read lecturer Déte van Staden’s motivational post on turning your “What ifs” into “What if nots”.

The adage that action speaks louder than words is absolutely true, specifically in an election year. It is a time when we have the very important opportunity, privilege, and democratic right to vote. So, make sure that you do!

April means that the 2024 second-intake registrations are now open! You can register here. Registrations will close in August, with the orientation to be held in the first week of September.

In the meantime, our 2024 first-intake students should take action and submit those first formative assignments while our 2023C2 students prepare for their final assignments due in May. This is also a reminder to our final-year students. If you submit and pass the FISA in May, then you may still qualify to graduate this year, subject to moderation, and you meet all the requirements for the qualification.

If you have missed the article about why registration matters, then you can catch up here.

On Saturday, we will host our annual employee awards evening, and we can’t wait to share all the details next week.

What is happening at BMT College?

The holidays are definitely over, but we have a rather busy week ahead. Assignments are due, workshops are scheduled, and a lecturer’s birthday is on Friday. All leading up to Saturday’s BMT College Awards evening.

Assignments due this week:

Assignment Due for the 9th of April 2024

  • (HCBM501-2023C2) Summative Assignment Module 3 Resubmission closes

Assignment Due for the 10th of April 2024

  • (ADIBM701-2023C2) Summative Assignment Module 3 Resubmission closes
  • (ADHRM701-2023C2) Summative Assignment Module 3 Resubmission closes
  • (ADHRM701-2023C1) Summative Assignment Module 6 ACM 3rd Attempt closes
  • (IBM601-2023C1) Final Integrated Summative Assignment (FISA) ACM 3rd Attempt closes
  • (ADIBM701-2023C1) Summative Assignment Module 6 ACM 3rd Attempt closes

Assignment Due for the 12th of April 2024

  • (HCB501-2024C1) Module 2 Formative Assignment closes
  • (HRM603-2024C1) Module 1 Formative Assignment closes 
  • (HRM602-2024C1) Module 1 Formative Assignment closes
  • (HCB501- 2023C2) Summative Assignment Module 4 Resubmission closes


Workshops 9th April 2024

  • (HCB501-2024C1) Module 2 Workshop

Workshops 11th April 2024

  • (ADHRM701- 2023C2) Summative Preparation Module 6
  • (ADIBM701-2023C2) Summative Preparation Module 6
  • (ADIBM701 & ADHRM701) Research Topic Workshop
  • (IBM603-2024C1) Module 2 Workshop
  • (IBM602-2024C1) Module 2 workshop


Employee Birthdays

On Friday, we will be celebrating the birthday of one of our valued lecturers. Happy Birthday Sivu!

Open call if you have the “write” attitude

We recently announced and invited all our students who want to write and submit a blog to BMT College to do so. We are also inviting our Alumni and any other aspiring writers to contribute to our growing blog platform. Simply pitch your idea for a blog in 150 – 200 words to info@bmtcollege.ac.za. Articles should be related to study tips, study experiences, or the content of the study material. We are looking forward to seeing your articles published.

We will also select a monthly top blog by a student or Alumni of BMT College. Top Blogs are selected from submissions by BMT students and alumni that were selected to be published on the College website.

So, for those students with a “write” attitude, send your topic ideas to info@bmtcollege.ac.za.

Wrapping up the week

Heading into the weekend, we will be celebrating our phenomenal team for their contributions and work at the College. We share the key attributes of taking action and getting the job done. Our primary focus is helping our students achieve success. You are welcome to contact us with any queries or if you need any assistance.

Remember to take action, and have an awesome week, everyone!

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