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Unlock the Power of Positive Attitude in the Workplace

Does having the right attitude affect the workplace, and how?

Yes, I believe it does. A positive attitude attracts people, not only does positive attitude in your workplace makes your day great, it affects your co-workers as well. Positive attitude can make your work more fun and enjoyable. It brings out the best in you and creates a warm working environment. Moreover, positive attitude improves productivity and enables one to develop in skills and abilities. It builds lasting relationships that results in good workflow and transparent communication between employer, employees and colleagues. It opens room for colleagues to ask for help freely when needed because having a positive attitude makes a healthy and peaceful work environment! I will share some of my personal experiences. As a receptionist, I work mostly with people both physically and remotely where interaction is done electronic and telephonically. I see myself as the face of the organisation and this made me realise that I need to be more aware of my attitude. I experienced cases where sometimes I got shouted at by clients (even though I am not the reason for their problems) but because in their perspective I represent the entire organisation. Their frustration would be directed at me (as an individual) and I would be talked down on just because I am a receptionist; what do I really know? Some clients went to an extant of uttering statements such as “I pay your salary”. This was hurtful until I made the conscious decision to maintain a positive attitude, I always opt to stay calm and not react out of character in such demeaning situations. Was it easy?  One may ask, Not at all! But that is the beauty of having the right attitude. Staying positive and not allowing myself to be influenced by other peoples’ inappropriate behaviour results in both parties (the client and company) being happy at the end of the day. There were times I contemplated leaving my job, as it was sometimes a lot to handle. But, I needed to find a way to help me cope with offensive people and to deal with difficult situations. I did a self-introspection. I questioned if I wanted to go or stay, how guaranteed I was that things would get better or if I would simply face the same challenges in a new environment. What would I do if I find myself in the same or worse situation in a different organisation? As we all know, difficult clients are everywhere! How certain am I that I will not go through the same challenges with different clients or colleagues? Will I keep leaving every company because of how I am treated, because of what people say? I realised that I have no control over what people say or how they act or even reason on things. The only thing I have control over is how I conduct myself! My attitude affects my response to things, how I handle situations, my approach to people and things happening around me. I realised that I can have the upper hand all the time if I keep a positive attitude always, my actions and responses are what differentiates me from the other person.

How does negative attitude affect the workplace?

I believe you cannot produce good fruits from a bad seed. A negative attitude reflects badly in one’s work. The evident signs include missing important deadlines, work not done correctly and less effort put on daily task, unpleasant relationships with fellow colleagues and clients. Lack of enthusiasm. It can also create a drift between colleagues and work can be affected decreasing productivity. It is draining working with someone who has a negative attitude as it can shadow your spirit.

How to create a positive attitude

I found the best way to create a positive attitude is to take responsibility of myself, my actions, and everything within my control. I came across an inspiring article, about attitude, on the internet and loved it. It states “Your attitude at work can determine the quality of your professional relationship, affect your productivity level and determine your overall success, including having an impact on factors such as potential pay raises and promotions”. In conclusion, attitude plays a big role in the workplace and you need to apply a positive attitude at all times. Be yourself, never allow to be consumed by negativity. Limit spending time with negative people, they are energy consuming. Remember you always have a choice; learn to know which conversations to engage in, and which ones to let go; not everything needs your involvement. Be wise and focus on the positive side! Quote from: (last paragraph).

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