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I believe one must embrace second chances, make new plans for the year, and pick up where you left off the previous year. This involves expanding ourselves to grab new opportunities (at work, in education, and in our private lives) to ensure we grow and thrive as individuals.

It is always a good idea to start off a new year by reflecting on the previous year. As I evaluate my life at the start of this new year, I realise I missed many opportunities because I chose to limit myself to specific opportunities. Therefore, I did not reach the major goals I envisioned since being at varsity.

For example, I have been putting off furthering my studies, which disappoints me to think that I have wasted five years of my time without trying to at least make an application to an institution. Nevertheless, as someone with experience in not reaching all their goals, I understand the importance of removing those barriers or negative thoughts that may make us believe that we are not capable of something. I now understand the importance of embracing new work projects despite not wanting to disappoint your manager, as these opportunities may open exciting doors for you, even though you may doubt yourself.

How to redefine your limits

Remember, the people who chose new challenges for you probably know what you are capable of. But the question is, why is it so difficult for us to believe that we can be successful within that leadership role or that we can complete that master’s or PhD degree that you have always wanted to do? No matter what your reason is for not achieving your goals, a new year presents new opportunities. Just do everything to the best of your abilities and within your own time but be aware that bad timing can be the enemy of incredible moments that present great opportunities.

Embracing new challenges

I understand that not everyone can master a PhD, but we still have the chance to improve our intellectual capacity, to not feel left behind in the workplace.

I know I must advance myself by sourcing relevant online short courses that will improve my learning skills and enable me to complete my assignments more easily. My advice to you is to find yourself in a new position, seek advice from your team or leader and ask if you need help. Try to form part of a study group or associate yourself with fellow students so that you can also learn from them.

If you have the financial means, draw up that business plan, seek advice from business owners, and put your ideas into action that you have had for a long time. Take the opportunity to go back to where you missed your chances, fix it, and learn something from your actions.  

Resolutions for 2024

As my colleague, Marisha Gordon stated in her article “Ditch New Year’s Resolutions, set intentions instead”, it does not have to be for a new role, hobby, or qualification, it can simply be accepting opportunities in your current job. I took some time to reflect on how I can improve myself this year. What are the things you can prioritise to meet your deadlines? I now understand the importance of striking a balance between work and studies, you should too. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, embrace every new opportunity that comes your way to achieve your goals.

Four easy steps to challenge your limits

Step 1: 

Start Now, don’t delay!

Step 2: 

Schedule activities within your timelines.

Step 3: 

Ask someone to keep you accountable for making progress.

Step 4: 

Make progress a priority

Take Action and Embrace New Challenges in 2024

In conclusion, stepping into the New Year should mark an era of fearlessly pursuing new challenges and breaking down the barriers that limit us. Remember that each new day presents an opportunity to make a change, learn something new, and grow as individuals. Let’s look ahead with optimism, embrace everything that the future holds, and understand that each setback is but a stepping stone to success.

Above all, let’s set our intentions, stay on course, and cultivate an environment for growth and progress. Here’s to a year of unlimited potential and boundless possibilities!

Courses to challenge your limits

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