Monday Motivation with lecturer fixing a graduate's cap. "A person is a person because he recognises others as persons." - Desmond Tutu

Good morning, BMT!

I hope you’re all feeling fantastic and excited because we’re about to kick off not one but three consecutive shortened weeks! This Thursday, we’ll be observing Human Rights Day, giving us the perfect opportunity to pause and reflect. For those savvy planners who’ve also taken Friday off, a delightful long weekend is on the horizon. The College will be taking a breather on Friday, resuming the usual bustle on Monday. And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, next week gifts us with Good Friday, and the following Monday is Family Day. What a splendid time to leap ahead on those assignments or, perhaps, indulge in some well-deserved rest and family time.
Goal this week; recognise other people (especially strangers) as persons. It may be something as simple as a smile, a greeting, listening to someone’s story, or helping someone with something.
Last week, Nathalie Tuck, a renowned public relations expert, launched our 2024 webinar series. We want to thank her once again for her excellent talk. She also gave us a short overview of how she uses AI in her work. This was an excellent introduction to the upcoming workshop about using AI in your studies, which our Head of Academics, Zoe Auths, will host.
There are summative assignments due on Wednesday. So make sure to submit those before you whisk yourself away on the long weekend!

We are also quickly nearing the end of the late registration intakes, with only two weeks left. Register online now!
Remember, if you want to contribute to our blog, then please submit your topic idea to info@bmtcollege.ac.za, and let’s get you writing!

Do you have the “write” attitude?

Are you bursting with ideas and keen to share your unique voice? We’re eagerly looking for more members of our BMT family – that includes you, our stellar students and accomplished alumni – to make your mark on our blog. Whether it’s sharing insightful study tips, heartfelt study experiences, or your intelligent take on the course material, we want to hear from you!

Why not grab this opportunity to have your work featured and celebrated? Jot down your idea in a short pitch of 150 – 200 words and send it to us at info@bmtcollege.ac.za. This is your stage, and it’s waiting for your spotlight.
Every month, we’re looking to crown a Top Blog—a prestigious title that will go to a captivating submission by one of our own BMT students or alumni, chosen from the array of articles published on our College website during the month.

Don’t miss this chance to be heard, to inspire, and to connect. If you’re someone with that perfect “write” attitude, we can’t wait to receive your topic ideas at info@bmtcollege.ac.za. Here’s to your words, which are making waves in our community!

What’s happening next at BMT College?

Diploma Summative assignments are due for the 2023C2 cohort on Wednesday this week. Thursday is Human Rights Day, and BMT College will be in recess on Friday.

Summative Assignments Due (Wednesday, 20 March 2024)

Please remember to check your due date calendar and make sure about your due dates.

  • 2023C2 BM601 – Summative 7&8
  • 2023C2 HRM601 – Summative 7&8
  • 2023C2 BM602 – Summative 7&8
  • 2023C2 HRM602 – Summative 7&8
  • 2023C2 BM603 – Summative 7&8
  • 2023C2 HRM603 – Summative 7&8

Public Holiday (Thursday, 21 March 2024) – Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day is historically linked to the events of 21 March 1960 in Sharpville when several people protested against the Apartheid Pass laws. The Bill of Rights in the South African constitution sets out the rights of all people, in that all people have a right to human dignity, equality and freedom.
Read more about Human Rights Day here.

College Recess (Friday, 22 March 2024)

BMT College will be in recess on Friday, making the weekend a long weekend. We will, however, be back on Monday, and the Virtual Campus will be up and running.

Let’s kick off this short week

It is going to be a short week, so it is an excellent opportunity to make it super compact and get a lot more done in less time. Remember to treat other people as humans, with dignity and respect.
As the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu said, “A person is a person because he recognises other persons.”
Have an awesome week, everyone!

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