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What do I need to study online?

To study online with BMT College, you will need a device to access the internet and log in on the Virtual Campus, where you can view or download your study guides and use this with your prescribed textbooks to complete your online assignments.




What are the advantages to studying online?

Did you know distance education has many advantages over traditional face-to-face or classroom teaching? Most importantly, distance learning is accessible to anyone, anywhere. With a computer and an internet connection, you can achieve your qualification and graduate in no time.

The BMT College online [distance] education virtually eradicates the distance. With the Virtual Campus, you can stay connected to your studies and as connected as you want with your fellow students. So there is no reason to study in isolation (unless you want to). Distance education also means that you can learn from where you are. This is ideal for people who work or do not have the means to relocate and pay for travelling and accommodation.

Since there are no classes, you can access your studies anytime. If you miss a workshop, you can always schedule a one-on-one session with your lecturer at a time that suits you. Our fully accredited, “no-exams, assignments only” qualifications allow you to complete your tasks at your convenience. There is no need to take time off work to study for an exam, with its unnecessary nerve-wracking consequences. Distance education allows you to spend time on what is essential when it is crucial.  

Five reasons to study with BMT College

#1 Your studies are flexible.
#2 You can work while you study.
#3 You can access a global social network of professional and diverse students.
#4 You will learn and practice practical time management skills.
#5 You will learn practical technical skills that you can apply in your studies and the workplace. 

Read the full article “Five advantages of studying through Distance Education” on our blog section.

The Virtual Campus

The world-class online learning platform that removes the [distance] from distance education. 

  • Enhance your technical skills

    Learn practical technical skills essential in the modern workplace. For example, learn how to present a professional document by applying technical and plagiarism checks. Use available tools and applications to check for grammar, spelling and sentence construction. Practice preparing and uploading different types of documents for presentations.

  • Complete and submit assignments online

    The “no-exams, assignments only” structure allows you to complete your assignments at your own pace. You work directly on the Virtual Campus to complete your tasks. Some activities on the VC may require individual or joint participation. As you complete the assignments, the system saves your work and enables you to continue when it suits you until you are ready to submit your work on or before the due date.

  • Access additional resources online

    Access additional study resources directly on the Virtual Campus. Additional resources include electronic copies of prescribed textbooks, topic-specific PowerPoint presentations, informative videos, curated journal articles, chat rooms, and forums.

  • Connect with lecturers and fellow students online

    The virtual campus enables you to effortlessly connect with your lecturers and fellow students in a safe environment. Your personal information is protected, and you choose what you want to share.

  • Track your progress

    Track your study progress to make sure you are on schedule. The built-in pre-populated calendar ensures you never miss a deadline, and always submit your assignments on time.

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