Study Challenges and Staying Motivated

Studying while you work can be challenging. We have all been there.

Do you ever find yourself questioning your decision to enrol for further studies? Do you wonder if you have registered at the wrong time? You are not alone. I have been there this year. I had a very rough start to the year, and after registering, I kept telling myself that the timing was wrong to commit to studying.

There is always something that will happen. During this last year, a lot has happened in my personal life. Some things were great, and others took a toll on my life.  Many times, it might seem to others that you control everything in your life, but how many people know what is happening behind the scenes? 

Sometimes, you get to a point where you need a break. I reached that point earlier this year where the thought of studying was too much, and not even a movie was enjoyable. I just decided to take a small break to focus on myself, and that is precisely what I did. I got comfy with a fantastic book that gave me a new perspective.  The book was based on a true story regarding abusive relationships and the struggle to get out of the relationship. The most significant change in perspective it gave me was that a problem or situation might seem so simple in other people’s views; however, until you walk in that person’s shoes, you cannot give general advice.

Taking the focus of my studying a little bit gave me the new energy I needed. After completing the novel, I just dived back into my studies and felt even more grateful after receiving my results.

It’s been hard working through my studies, but at this point, I am so glad that I did register and am making progress toward completing my course. Now, I can pat myself on the back and say: “I did it!”

My advice is to keep going. Work on your assignments and keep yourself motivated. You can do this. You registered for a reason, and very soon, you will be eligible to graduate. Would it not be the best feeling in the world to know that even though you struggled to complete your assignments, you made it and received your qualification? I cannot wait for the day that I receive my qualification.

We must also remember to make time for the things we love, and we need to spend time with our loved ones.  It is important to have a good balance in life. You might have a set routine, but sometimes it’s the greatest thing in the world to get out of your routine. I prefer my routine sometimes too much, but every now and then, you must read a novel, go to a horse show or try something new. These tiny changes can make a big difference in your life.

My motivation for every day is to do my best and try every day to succeed. You might be having a tough time now, but the storm will not last forever. Speak up when you need help, and keep going; you are doing a great job!

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